Published: Wed, April 10, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Asus ROG 2 gaming smartphone expected to launch in Q3 2019

Asus ROG 2 gaming smartphone expected to launch in Q3 2019

The Taiwanese smartphone maker had used speed-binned Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC as well as liquid cooling to ensure the phone remained cool even under intensive gaming.

If you're looking for a true gaming phone, the Asus ROG gaming phone is one of the first that should to mind.

Asus will launch a sequel to the ROG Phone (that stands for Republic of Gamers, for those new to Asus's gaming brand) later this year. The ROG phone could play nearly every game out there without breaking into a sweat, hopefully that will be the case with the upcoming ROG phone successor.

Asus released the first ROG Phone in October 2018. When we reviewed this smartphone, we found the Air Triggers to be useful for gaming and the 90Hz display was faster compared to other smartphones in the market. And now, it seems, Asus is all set to launch the second generation of the ROG smartphone this year. The announcement date is still potentially up to six months in the future, and it's unsurprising to learn that there are no details about the device itself available yet.

The report further claims that Asus may team up with Tencent, the Chinese internet company, a partnership that will allow Asus to promote the ROG Phone in China. Back in December, Asus outlined its new strategy to focus on gaming and premium smartphones rather than entry-level and mid-range models, which is meant to reduce the losses of its smartphone business. Judging from the previous gaming phone from the company we can expect the latest and greatest components as well as a hefty price tag.

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