Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Facebook hid creepy messages inside its VR controllers

Facebook hid creepy messages inside its VR controllers

Oculus executive Nate Mitchell has confirmed that phrases such as "This Space For Rent", "The Masons Were Here", and "Big Brother Is Watching" had been printed on "tens of thousands" of Oculus Touch controllers.

Facebook's head of VR, Nate Mitchell, admitted to the latest mistake on Twitter last night. The messages were meant only for prototype hardware but somehow made it to production hardware.

"While I appreciate Easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed", tweeted Mitchell.

For a company whose name has become synonymous with Big Brother, letting these messages slip through their quality control process probably doesn't help its image-but I'm sure most of us can't help but smile at the irony. Some messages were included in developer kits for people building software for the product, while others made their way into consumer devices in significantly larger numbers.

While the vast majority of Oculus owners will never take apart their controllers and find the messages, news of the hidden content will nearly certainly raise eyebrows given Facebook's already tarnished public image.

As for what's next for the Oculus Touch controllers, they will be a part of the fully standalone Oculus Quest this Spring, which will launch with the first episode of Vader Immortal, a Star Wars VR series that we recently got our hands on. "The messages were meant as easter eggs for prototypes only and should have been removed pre-production", a Facebook spokesperson wrote to ABC News in an email.

'To be clear, no devices have been sold with these messages yet, since Quest and Rift S have not yet shipped, ' Johanna Peace, an Oculus representative, told Business Insider.

'We think it's important to be transparent with our community and take responsibility when there's an error, ' she added. Anyhow, Nate did apologize for this accident, however, there is no calling back since Facebook wouldn't recall these products as they won't hinder with the integrity of the hardware anyhow.

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