Published: Sat, April 27, 2019
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Netflix releases trailer for documentary featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Netflix releases trailer for documentary featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Knock Down The House in select theaters and on Netflix May 1.

The documentary also follows three other women in their political efforts: Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin. "But, it doesn't surprise me that Representative Ocasio-Cortez won't admit it-she advocates for government run health care for all every day, so if she were to admit the failures of the only current system of government run health care, she would have to admit faults within her own plan".

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday that she would support impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump after reading special counsel Robert Mueller's report. There, it played to standing-room-only crowds and won the Audience Award for the best US documentary at the festival.

The trailer above traces the poignancy of their run for Congress.

"Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is correct, the [Department of Veterans Affairs] is not broken, it is doing great". The New York Democrat became the youngest woman elected to Congress.

Ocasio-Cortez's comments were also leveled as a criticism of the Trump administration's attempts to reform the VA, including policies created to privatize VA services.

Knock Down The House is a Jubilee Films production, in association with Atlas Films and Artemis Rising, executive produced by Regina K. Scully, and co-executive produced by Chicago Media Project and Wavelength Productions.

When she spoke about the film at Sundance in January, she said: 'I'm just so glad that this moment for the four of us was captured and documented. He could be gone tomorrow and that will not change the systemic injustices that led to his election. "We're also very excited to be working with Netflix on a campaign to spark wider cultural conversations about our democracy and how it can continue to evolve". We can do 2018 again, better, in 2020'.

The trailer also gave a peek at the politicians' hard background, and how it inspired them to run for office.

Proponents say such reforms would give veterans more choice and faster access to care, but opponents argue such measures would constitute an invitation to siphon off federal funds.

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