Published: Tue, April 16, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Samsung set to launch first 5G smartphone

Samsung set to launch first 5G smartphone

However, while the non-5G flagships got release dates and prices, details about the Galaxy S10 5G availability and price were skipped from the initial announcement.

The introduction of the Galaxy S10 5G is a key milestone in Samsung's research and development that also includes key breakthroughs like the world's first gigabit speed 5G transmission, the first 5G handover between multiple cells, and now, its first 5G smartphone available on the market. "Electronic companies like Samsung, the factories, production lines, contents that goes inside 5G phones ... they believe everything that is constituting the IT ecosystem will meet a new era under 5G network".

South Korea has become the world's first country to launch 5th-Generation (5G) networks. On the downside, there's only one USA carrier that offers 5G services at the moment, and even Verizon only has the service available in two cities, Chicago and Minneapolis.

South Korea reportedly hopes to extend its 5G network to 85 cities by the end of the year. Now, consumers will be able to unlock an entirely new mobile experience with the most advanced network available and the powerful and innovative features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

"I watch a lot of videos often, movies and lectures", said buyer Shim Ji-hye, 38. Then using an AnyCubic Photon LCD resin printer, he printed a 3D image of his fingerprint and used it to fool the Galaxy S10's under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Unfortunately, those speeds are most of the time achieved in lab conditions, so if you're located I Chicago or Minneapolis, you'll probably get download speeds of around 450Mbps.

It is expected to bring about US$565 billion in global economic benefits by 2034, according to the London-based Global System for Mobile Communications, an industry alliance. The US has pressed its allies and major economies to avoid 5G solutions from Chinese-owned telecom giant Huawei, citing security risks that technological backdoors could give Beijing access to 5G-connected.

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