Published: Wed, April 10, 2019
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

'The Addams Family' Teaser Trailer

'The Addams Family' Teaser Trailer

This teaser for the upcoming movie seems to be aimed at just getting us reacquainted with the family rather than giving us any details of what we can expect from this new film.

Let's take a look at this cast, shall we?

With animation provided by Cinesite, Charlize Theron voices Morticia Addams alongside co-star Oscar Isaac as the voice of Gomez Addams in the first teaser trailer for MGM's 'The Addams Family'.

From the official synopsis: "Get ready to snap your fingers!" I must be honest in saying that while I've typically loved the antics of the Addams family, I'm not a fan of what this trailer has to offer. In fact, there's a whole section at the beginning filled with stick figures to explain how the Addams differ from other people you've met in your lifetime.

The Addams family's lives begin to unravel when they face-off against a treacherous, greedy crafty reality TV host while also preparing for their extended family to arrive for a major celebration. Pugsley, a menacing 10-year-old on over-drive, enjoys getting into any kind of terrible mischief he can find.

This new animated feature incarnation hails from Sausage Party directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, but you wouldn't really know it judging by this trailer. Grandmama is smitten with her grandchildren who enjoy her cookies shaped like bats and skulls. Unlike the Barry Sonnenfeld films of the mid-'90s, this Addams Family finds the characters animated, their original designs brought to grotesque life via the magic of computers.

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