Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
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Brexit: 'No significant shift' by government in talks, says McDonnell

Brexit: 'No significant shift' by government in talks, says McDonnell

The better known Liberal Democrats, who are also campaigning on an anti-Brexit platform - with the somewhat contentious assistance of European Union politicians like Guy Verhofstadt - are faring somewhat better, but have not garnered even half the public support mustered by Mr Farage, sitting at 15 per cent.

"And one way to do it are these two minority positions - the Prime Minister's deal and those that think the people should have a say on the deal - plug them together and you build a majority".

Responding to that comment, Mr Blunt said: 'Nigel Farage said he would do a deal with the devil to get Brexit over the line; the Conservative party is very far from being the devil in this.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage gestures on an open topped bus while on the European Election campaign trail in Sunderland, England, Saturday, May 11, 2019.

At the weekend, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said a "significant number, probably 120 if not 150" of Labour MPs would not back deal without a "confirmatory vote". He argues that the splintered nature of the "Remain" parties - Change U.K., the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the Scottish National Party - could enhance their ability to reach a diverse range of supporters.

The Brexit Party is a single-issue Eurosceptic political party in the UK. Labour would, according to the poll, secure around 316 seats, while the Conservatives would sit at 179 and the Brexit Party would snatch up 49.

He is expected to plead in a speech to the Fabian Society on Monday for supporters to back Labour in the polls next week.

For the Euro election, Britain is divided into a dozen regional constituencies, and will return 73 MEPs to the European Parliament. Its chair, Graham Brady, has urged her to set out a clearer timetable for her departure if her Brexit deal is not passed.

Labour, which is running second in the polls, is also being tested by the elections.

However, the letter from the group of former ministers, who also include Sir Michael Fallon and Maria Miller, warned the Prime Minister stands to lose the support of more Tory MPs in the Commons than she gains Labour backers if she breaks her "solemn promise" not to enter a customs union.

Cross-party Brexit talks were believed to be close to collapse last night after Downing Street firmly rejected demands for any compromise deal to include a referendum that could keep the United Kingdom in the EU.

He has demanded a say in Brexit negotiations if his party performs well on May 23.

'Eighty per cent of the membership of the Conservative Party are very keen to make sure that Brexit happens, we'll be in a position to enthusiastically support leaving the European Union with no deal and if we are then able to agree a position to put to the country, I think we would hit the ball out of the park'.

Last month Jeremy Corbyn saw off an attempt to commit the party to a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal, and Labour will instead only back a fresh vote only if it can not either win the changes it wants to Mrs May's deal or secure a general election.

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