Published: Mon, May 13, 2019
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Felicity Huffman to plead guilty in college admissions scam

Felicity Huffman to plead guilty in college admissions scam

Actress Felicity Huffman is expected to plead guilty to taking part in the sweeping college admissions scandal in an appearance at Boston federal court Monday afternoon.

The 56-year-old Desperate Housewives star didn't speak as she walked into a federal courthouse in Boston on Monday with her brother Moore Huffman Jr.

"My daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions, and in my misguided and profoundly wrong way, I have betrayed her", the statement said. Reports noted that Huffman will not be sentenced for a few weeks, but she is expected to receive months in prisons for her involvement in the scandal.

Huffman agreed to plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud last month. Prosecutors allege she paid $15,000 to help one of her daughters get a phony SAT score. Her sentencing hearing was scheduled for September 13.

"Full House" actress Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, have pleaded not guilty to paying $500,000 in bribes to get their daughters into USC as crew recruits even though neither of them is a rower. The two-part scheme, prosecutors said, included cheating on tests and helping applicants pose as recruited athletes to improve their chances of admission.

Huffman has apologized and said her 18-year-old daughter was unaware of her actions. Huffman's husband, actor William H. Macy, is also said to have agreed to the arrangement, though he was not charged in the case.

Huffman was among the stars of the popular series Desperate Housewives, which won her an Emmy Award in 2005.

Huffman's plea came two months after she was arrested in what's been called "Operation Varsity Blues", in which wealthy parents are accused of paying bribes to help their children get admitted into elite universities across the nation.

California businessman Devin Sloane also pleaded guilty to paying US$250,000 in bribes to get his son into the University of Southern California as a fake water polo recruit.

Experts differ on whether Huffman's swift acceptance of responsibility will leave her with an acting career.

Loughlin and Giannulli were among the parents who did not plead guilty initially, and now face an indictment for money laundering in addition to the original fraud charge. Judge Talwani confirmed to Huffman after asking repeatedly that she was sure she wanted to plead guilty, that she has lost a number of rights: gun ownership, voting in many states, and holding office.

Singer, of Newport Beach, Calif., pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and other charges and is cooperating in the investigation.

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