Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Google launches its Google Trips platform for travel-related searches

Google launches its Google Trips platform for travel-related searches

It was reported that the Google Play Store latest updater is out and it sports the number 14.9.52. It'll use that information to suggest travel articles you might want to read about a particular location you're researching, along with suggester day plans and activities like restaurants you might want to check out.

Tapping the picker lets you switch to a different account, add a new one, manage email addresses on your device, but most importantly, it has that new "Manage your Google Account" option. This is an app library that is playing a crucial role in the premium UX that Google's OS has to offer.

Google has brought its simplified travel planning system to the desktop, integrating flights, hotels, and ideas for actives into a single, comprehensive hub.

Your Android phone allows access to millions of apps and games that you can download whenever you feel like it via the Google Play Store. As we continue to evolve Google Trips, we're making this information more accessible at, and in Google Search and Google Maps.

When you visit that page, you'll see your upcoming trips organized based on plane or hotel reservations that they have been able to cull from your Gmail account.

Building on some of the features introduced previous year, Google now makes it possible to edit your trip timeline directly from the travel hub, and the ability to manually add reservations is coming in a few weeks as well. Google is also going to add viewed things-to-do and saved/viewed hotels, much in the same way that it automatically gathers up recent searches, saved places, and flights. For instance, when you have a booking for an inn or a café, looking that business up on Google Maps will show your reservation time and date, and clicking it shows your affirmation receipt. We can find some of the information related to travel from Google Search itself. Plus soon you will see viewed things to do and saved and viewed hotels to your trips.

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