Published: Wed, May 15, 2019
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Harry and Meghan pay tribute to mums on Mother's Day

Harry and Meghan pay tribute to mums on Mother's Day

To mark the American version of the holiday, the Duchess shared an adorable photo of her and Prince Harry's son's tiny feet in her hand!

Royal commentators believe the reference to mother's "lost but forever remembered" was a tribute to Prince Harry's own late mother, Princess Diana. "We honour and celebrate each and every one of you", the caption reads, .

While Sunday was Mother's Day in Australia and a host of other countries including the US, New Zealand and Canada, the United Kingdom won't celebrate it again until 22 March next year.

Speaking about her family connection with Bletchley Park, Catherine told the children: "My granny and her sister worked here which is really cool".

Prince William and Kate live at Kensington Palace, about 25 miles from Harry and Meghan's home in Windsor. Their most recent post, published Sunday, is in honor of Mother's Day and includes a snap of Archie's feet. "She and Meghan are so close".

The fact that the royal baby's face wasn't shown seems to send the message that the new parents want to keep Archie out of the spotlight as much as possible for right now.

Awww! Well said - and so appropriate for their newborn!

"He has the sweetest temperament", she added. "Lena and obviously Louis are similar ages and Mia [Tindall]'s sort of in between Charlotte and George, and then you've got Peter [Phillips]'s children Savannah and Isla who are just a little bit older". Charles and Camilla were unable to visit the baby immediately after his birth because they were scheduled for a three-day tour of Germany just a day after he was born.

"The two men have stayed in regular contact, and Archie has met most of Harry's family, including Meghan". "There's so much space for them to be able to take walks with the baby and their dogs and not feel like they are being preyed upon-that was the big thing". It's like night and day.

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