Published: Mon, May 13, 2019
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James Charles loses over 1 million subscribers amid Tati Westbrook feud

James Charles loses over 1 million subscribers amid Tati Westbrook feud

The tension between YouTube beauty influencers James Charles and Tati Westbrook reached a boiling point on May 10, when Westbrook uploaded a video airing her issues with her fellow social media star. It seems to me that a lot of people respect this Tati figure, at least in the beauty community, and James Charles is already this controversial figure people aren't sure about. "He said some things, telling me about a situation that happened in Seattle at my birthday, and it literally made me want to vomit".

Here are a few of the savage tweets: 'i want to lose weight just as fast as James Charles lost 1 million of his subscribers.' / 'He's turning 20 in less than a month, he's not a child.

International Twitter is now enthralled by the details of a falling out between two United States beauty bloggers, Tati Westbrook and James Charles. The biggest mistake of his career, however, seems to have been crossing Westbrook. This is a rival to Westbrook's company, Halo Beauty.

James Charles is really feeling the heat from all of this endless makeup vlogger drama!

In her 43-minute long video, Westbrook had attacked her fellow YouTuber for regularly joking about having sex with straight men.

He would "manipulate people's sexuality", she claimed, and boasted about turning straight men gay.

It is unknown if James is still in Australia, as he hasn't been seen publicly since leaving a fan event at Gold Coast's Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on Saturday.

Amid the drama, fans are also resurfacing an old Shawn Mendes Instagram live where James dropped a comment saying "can you juggle me like that" which they're claiming caused the "If I Can't Have You" singer to end the video, although it is unclear whether that is true. "And I don't blame them for it", he admits.

'I'm sorry for everything that is going on everything and I've put you through over the past three weeks'. "But I have always tried".

Speaking on Westbrook's claims that he had tried to manipulate someone's sexuality, he said: "I've learned the hard way about the ways I can interact with boys [and] this is a conversation I should have been far more careful bringing into the public eye". "[Tati] told me how it looked from the outside, she said talking to these boys might get you in trouble one day, and she was right", the disgraced beauty blogger said.

In February 2017, he was criticised for a tweet about an upcoming trip to Africa.

Shortly after Westbrook's video was published, Charles also took to YouTube to apologise to her and her husband. "They've been very loyal to me and I betrayed that".

Charles made an eight-minute video to apologise.

"This is NOT what I was trying to say". You are a 19-year-old millionaire.

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