Published: Sun, May 05, 2019
Medicine | By Brett Sutton

Over 64% of Measles Cases in NY Are Children

Over 64% of Measles Cases in NY Are Children

County health officials say these cases are not linked to the ongoing measles outbreak in the US or to the measles case reported earlier in the week in a county resident.

The vaccine is also available at the Health Department's immunization clinic, located at 425 First Avenue, Fourth Floor, in downtown Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15219 (entrance is on Cherry Way). "All we can do is prevent it and the way to prevent it is using the tool that we have - the MMR vaccine", Dr. Tamara Sheffield, Medical Director for Preventive Medicine Intermountain Healthcare said at Thursday's press conference. The only group of people who should not be vaccinated for measles are individuals who are immunosuppressed. Now, with the measles outbreak sweeping globally, the CDC is suggesting that parents vaccinate their infants at age 6 to 11 months with one dose of the MMR vaccine.

"I think you have to have a much greater debate about it to make sure that if it was introduced there wasn't an uproar", he said.

She said she did "everything" to protect her child, but she was too young to be vaccinated. "Between the late 60s and 1989, people got one dose, since 1989-1990, around that time the recommendation has been that everyone gets two doses", said Dr. Poland.

Investigators have found evidence that Russian hackers have been behind some of the anti-vaccine messaging, pushing social media stories that question the government's role in encouraging vaccination protection.

Many studies have been done to prove the safety of vaccines and the doctor that wrote the article about vaccines causing autism has even said it was wrong. Harris says most of those outbreaks involved people who traveled internationally and brought the illness into areas with large numbers of unvaccinated people.

But what if you don't have written documentation of the right vaccine?

Merck said on Tuesday that US sales of MMR and chickenpox vaccines rose around 10 percent to $343 million in the first quarter.

And if you're going to get pricked anyway, experts say the shot is cheaper than drawing blood.

In New York City, of the 423 measles cases reported during the 2018-2019 outbreak, 64 percent (270) have been children 1-4 years of age.

The number of cases of measles among Los Angeles County residents this year has risen to seven. The infant was not old enough to have been immunized.

When the CDC and other public health authorities are called to investigate possible transmission on aircraft, they try to figure out who may have had contact with the infected person - including people who may have been sitting nearby. "Her school had one such mass vaccination drive and we were willing to get her vaccinated but upon consultation with our doctor we found out that she already had been injected with the same vaccine".

In some cases, officials may also issue a quarantine - an effective, if sometimes controversial, measure to limit the spread of an infectious disease. "When we have an outbreak of measles, it is very, very expensive and hard for us to control".

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