Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

TSMC reportedly preparing for volume production of Apple's A13 SoC

TSMC reportedly preparing for volume production of Apple's A13 SoC

Share your thoughts on Apple dropping the Blue and Coral shades from its 2019 iPhone XR line-up in the comments section below.

Apple should be able to create more distance between the iPhone 11 and the rest of the Android field with the new A13 chip, but it's not clear from the report what sort of capabilities it will have.

As per TechNewsWatch, there is a report stating that all iPhone models released in 2019 will be equipped with A13 processor already in production of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. That's similar to a feature Samsung offers on its newest devices, the people said.

Expected to arrive with the iPhone 2019 editions are feature upgrades now not found on the models issued past year but it's unlikely that they will pack 5G capability. "As Smartphone prices rise rapidly, iPhone XR provides Apple with a way to keep its customers with older models continuing to upgrade regularly, and less tempted by the competition".

As far as display is concerned, for this upcoming batch of phones, Apple will offer same screen sizes as seen on existing iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr.

And as the rumoured design of the iPhone 11 continues to divide iPhone fans, the supposed leaked renders of the iPhone 11 case lands.

For the last LCD generation of the iPhone XR, Apple wants to introduce two new colors, according to a new report.

Apple has a lead mark on the basis of performance along with the previous models.

According to Bloomberg, iPhone XS inheritor is coded as D43.

The more expensive models though will vary on two crucial departments. The bump has three circular slots for the triple rear cameras placed in a triangular position.

With Apple set to launch their next iPhones in September, rumours about them are ramping up. This has been the pattern employed by the tech giant in recent years and there is no indication things will change this year.

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