Published: Wed, May 15, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

US, Russia 'share same objective' on North Korea: Mike Pompeo

US, Russia 'share same objective' on North Korea: Mike Pompeo

Speaking at a press conference in the southern resort city of Sochi, Ushakov said Moscow is aware of usa attempts to persuade Turkey to suspend the deal.

Pompeo warned Russian Federation not to meddle in the USA presidential election next year, calling on Moscow "to demonstrate that these types of activities are a thing of the past".

"The United States stands ready to find common ground with Russian Federation as long as the two of us can engage seriously", Pompeo said.

"If Russia engaged in that in 2020, it would put our relationship in an even worse place than it has been", Pompeo said.

"We touched in general on the possibility of contacts between the presidents of Russian Federation and the United States, particularly on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Japan".

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during the Arctic Council summit at the Lappi Areena in Rovaniemi, Finland May 7, 2019.

Pompeo said that he and Putin agreed on ways to move ahead with a long-delayed Syrian-led committee that will rewrite the constitution in hopes of a political end to the conflict.

United Nations inspectors have said Iran is complying with the deal, and Moscow last week denounced new USA sanctions on the country's mining industry, calling for new talks to save the nuclear accord.

"I hope that reason will triumph", Lavrov said, adding that he hoped reports in the United States media that President Donald Trump is planning to send 120,000 troops to counter Iran turn out to be wrong. He cited cooperation in Afghanistan and counterterrorism more broadly, but also a shared goal of getting North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons.

"Despite the exotic nature of Mr Mueller's commission, on the whole he conducted quite an objective investigation and confirmed the absence of any collusion between the U.S. administration and Russia", Putin said.

Lavrov hit back against "those who are inflating this topic" and saying of collusion: "It's clear that such insinuations are absolute fiction". "We share the same threat assessment", he said. However the elephant in the room today is also the crisis in Venezuela, where the USA has accused Russian Federation of backing Nicolas Maduro and encouraging Maduro to stay in power after the United States hoped that opposition leader Juan Guaido might come to power last month with backing from the military.

"It's not about 'moving on.' It's about trying to find solutions, compromises, places where there are overlapping interests", he told reporters.

Pompeo and Lavrov are expected to discuss various issues, including Venezuela, Iran, Syria, and Ukraine, as well as arms control.

Hunt, who held talks with Maas and Le Drian on the margins of a regular European Union meeting in Brussels, expressed concern about the risks of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East if Iran were to acquire such weapons.

Washington previous year pulled out of a nuclear deal backed by Europe, Russia and China, which curbed Iran's nuclear ambitions in return for sanctions relief.

Venezuela was a key point of discussion and difference, with the USA firm in its commitment to support opposition figure Juan Guaidó as the country's legitimate leader and Russian Federation equally firm in its backing of embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

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