Published: Wed, June 12, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

128GB Google Pixel 3 XL for just $649.99, that's $350 off

128GB Google Pixel 3 XL for just $649.99, that's $350 off

This week, a report claims that Google may include a Project Soli radar chip in the Pixel 4, granting it access to the tech that blew people's minds back in 2016.

The latest Google Pixel 4 renders are an exclusive set from OnLeaks and Pricebaba.

And it all comes down to the camera. It's not clear whether this is a double or triple camera system, but previous leaks/fan speculation has suggested a dual camera from Google. He believes that Google will go with multiple camera sensors - two for visible light and something called a "spectral" sensor. And, the single camera on the latest Pixel 3 and the XL devices have proven to be incredible with Google's computational photography along with the newly added Night Sight mode.

It may look like the future Apple iPhone 11, but the latest phone render popping up on the web is allegedly a CNC-machined mockup of the Google Pixel 4, complete with the bad camera-patch. It would be a mistake for them to bring a phone with a notch as big as the Pixel 3 in 2019. All of the commenters seemed to be using Pixel 2 XLs, though others with P2XLs were able to update without any fuss.

The hands-on images were put up Slashleaks and appeared to be legit images showcased the Pixel 4 device featuring the already expected punch-hole display on the front.

The renders also show that that there will be two speaker grills at the bottom edges along with a USB Type-C port at the center.

The phone schematics also suggest that it will have a glass front and back to give it a more premium look and feel.

We're not sure if this is exactly for the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL but we'll just say from the next Pixel flagship version.

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