Published: Thu, June 20, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Bungie clarifies that Destiny 2 on Stadia will not feature cross-play

Bungie clarifies that Destiny 2 on Stadia will not feature cross-play

Pyro Gaming is reporting that Destiny 2's player population is growing.

Cross-Save will allow you to take your progress across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

Naturally, early adopters are fairly miffed at this news given that the player base will most certainly be limited to the (questionably sized) Stadia ecosystem at launch. That restriction, according to an FAQ posting this past week, extends to the Stadia version of the game. Player count might not be as big a deal for a single-player title like Assassin's Creed Odyssey, but in Destiny 2, the existence of other players is actually vital to the game's experience.

Bungie said the new cross-save feature would "preserve all gear, character and items across all platforms regardless of entitlements".

Should a player decide to give Destiny 2: Shadowkeep a go, they don't need to worry about grinding for hours on end.

Cross-save for Destiny 2 will launch September 17, which is when the Shadowkeep expansion is scheduled to debut. As an incentive for players to subscribe, every Stadia Pro Subscription will come with a free copy of Destiny 2: The Collection.

But that won't necessarily be a permanent situation, and cross-play across all platforms is still a possibility. However, the lack of cross-play with PC for now may discourage any players who're concerned about leaving their in-game PC friends behind. This puts the Stadia version of the game behind the eight-ball a bit, as the player base will already be tiny thanks to the aforementioned Founders program and its $129 price tag for entry.

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