Published: Fri, June 14, 2019
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Donald Trump Flaunts 'Secret' Migration Deal Already Revealed By Mexico

Donald Trump Flaunts 'Secret' Migration Deal Already Revealed By Mexico

President Trump again claimed to have a "secret" deal with Mexico on Tuesday-and while he declined to provide details for reporters at the White House, he helpfully displayed a piece of paper that he said was part of the agreement.

In a series of tweets, Trump warned that if Mexico does not cooperate with the United States and does not honor the agreement it reached with the administration last week that he will reimpose his proposed tariffs on Mexico.

"That's the agreement that everybody says I don't have", Trump said at the White House Tuesday, holding one page of what he described as a lengthy deal. While talking with reporters Monday, the president brandished a sheet of paper and identified it as the agreement in question - but refused to share details of what it contained. And it knew that its country was vulnerable - because while tariffs would certainly have hurt the US economy, they would devastate Mexico's, which contracted in the first quarter of 2019.

Details of how much Mexico will spend on the border security measures will be made public on Friday, he said. However, three Mexican officials said Saturday that they were not aware of any side accord in the works, and that agricultural trade hadn't been discussed during three days of negotiations in Washington that culminated in the joint communique between the countries last Friday. "I salvage reasonably a few appreciate for the oldsters we dealt with, so I don't are seeking to attain that, and they salvage got to return to congress to obtain that accredited".

"We talk every week", Marcelo Ebrard said at the National Palace in Mexico City on Wednesday, adding that talks have been launched on a permanent basis to attend to the emergency.

"Mexico is not going to fail", Ebrard said.

Last month Trump threatened he would impose a 5 per cent tariff on Mexican imports if the country didn't assist in stopping Central American migrants from flowing into the US illegally.

The president had threatened to impose incremental tariffs contingent on Mexico's efforts to help solve our illegal immigrant problem. Can you tell us more about what he had to say on that subject?

The US president thanked his Mexican counterpart for "working so long and hard" on a plan to reduce the surge of migration across the southern border.

They also want to know what countermeasures were taken by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mexico's leftist government has insisted tighter borders can not be the only solution, insisting on the need to protect migrants' rights and fund major infrastructure and development projects in Central America.

CORNISH: As we mentioned, Mexico's foreign minister was speaking today about all of this.

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