Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Footage indicates sophisticated attack on former Red Sox hero David Ortiz

Footage indicates sophisticated attack on former Red Sox hero David Ortiz

Here's a photo composite of the six detained suspects and, at bottom-center, Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase, aka The Surgeon, a suspect police say is still at large.

Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, in custody in connection with the shooting of former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, is transferred by police to court in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on June 11, 2019.

Police in the Dominican Republic are now reporting that this was an orchestrated attack against Ortiz and that a 400,000 Peso, or $8,000 hit was placed on Ortiz, according to Complex. He was able to sit up and take some steps as he recuperates in Massachusetts General Hospital's intensive care unit, his wife, Tiffany, said in a statement Wednesday.

Surveillance video that captured Ortiz's shooting showed a gunman police identified as Ferreyra Cruz walking up behind Ortiz, who was sitting at the bar, and opening fire before running away. In addition to coming awfully close to being one of the greatest tragedies in sports history, Boston Red Sox infielder Eduardo Nunez says the incident was an embarrassment for Dominican ballplayers.

The driver of the motorcycle, Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, was apprehended and beaten by bystanders after the motorcycle faltered.

Feliz García's lawyer says his client is an innocent motorcycle taxi driver who had no idea his passenger was going to commit a crime.

Feliz Garcia and a second man arrived at the bar on a motorcycle Sunday night and opened fire on Ortiz and his friend, police said.

Ortiz, who is also known as Big Papi, was at a nightclub in Santo Domingo on Sunday night along with television host Jhoel Lopez when they were both injured by gunfire.

"He didn't know what they were going to do". Surgeons there operated for six hours to fix damage to his intestines and liver, also removing his gallbladder.

The Times said the nightspot where the shooting occurred, Dial Bar and Lounge, was a regular hangout of Ortiz's, and the AP reported that Ortiz traveled in the Dominican capital "with little or no security, trusting his fans to protect him".

Beloved in his hometown, Ortiz traveled the risky streets of the Dominican capital with little or no security, trusting his fans to protect him, according to friends.

"Just thinking about the fact that this happened to him in the Dominican Republic, it is unimaginable", Nunez said, per ESPN.

The high-profile attack on Ortiz drew attention to a string of deaths of USA citizens in the Dominican Republic in recent months, as well as violent assaults.

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