Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Google Assistant comes to Waze for easier reporting, less distraction

Google Assistant comes to Waze for easier reporting, less distraction

Waze has slowly and surely become the go-to navigation app for drivers all over, with the ability to report traffic conditions/incidents and communicate with other users on the road setting it apart from other competitors - namely, Google Maps. Then, Why does Google not merge Waze with Google maps.

So far, Google has tested this new feature in India only, where it has also added rickshaw fares for Maps users in the same country.

To use the feature, set up navigation as you'd normally do on Google Maps by selecting your destination. The latest update is also for Android phones only, so those using iOS in accessing Waze will not be able to avail of this latest update.

Now, In a recent blog post, Google reports Google Assistant is now available in Waze.

Google Assistant can also help with many of Waze's features, such as reporting traffic, pinpointing a pothole, or checking for alternate routes.

"Voice commands in the auto help minimize distractions so you can focus on the road". To that end, several Reddit posters are discovering that updating to version 4.4.070 of Google's Messages app adds a new feature. It will help you keep your hands on the wheel and not get distracted by tapping on all the things you used to on the Waze interface.

Google Assistant support in Waze starts rolling out from today for United States customers and soon it will available globally. The company is now testing a safety feature that lets users know if their cab has gone off-route, reported XDA Developers.

If you don't have an infotainment system built in to your auto, you're still relying on the Waze app on your phone to help you navigate to your destination.

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