Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Research | By Raquel Erickson

International Space Station to Be Opened For Tourists

International Space Station to Be Opened For Tourists

NASA Chief Financial Officer Jeff DeWit looks on as ISS Deputy Director Robyn Gatens speaks looks on during a press conference to address the opening of the International Space Station to expanded commercial activities, at the Nasdaq MarketSite, June 7, 2019 in New York City.

As part of its "commercialization" of the ISS, Nasa will be making one space station port and utilities available for a private company to "attach a commercial module to".

NASA has made a major announcement regarding the International Space Station Tourism, where, individuals can now visit the International Space Station and stay outside the earth up to 30 days in a single stretch.

Meanwhile, NASA's new administrator Jim Bridenstine is open about meeting with a lot of companies and speaking in terms of business. Private companies will pay $35,000 per night for each passenger to use the agency's ISS amenities which include beds, air, the toilet, and the internet. In the 2005 NASA Authorization Act, the US segment was declared a "national laboratory" with the goal of attracting non-NASA researchers to use the scientific facilities with the hope that commercial products would ensue. Crew Dragon from SpaceX and Starliner from Boeing are the spacecraft who will be carrying the tourist astronauts to the ISS.

The worldwide space station.

Zirki previously wrote that the company Bezos again tested rocket for space tourists.

"And the Gateway, in my view - I've been convinced - enables us to take advantage of commercial and global partners in a more robust way so we are there to stay, it enables us to get to more parts of the moon than ever before, and it enables us to get to Mars". American businessman Dennis Tito first paid the country $20 million to visit in 2001, which, even accounting for inflation, sounds like a relative steal.

If you are a billionaire and is interested in science and space, then $58 million is nothing, and you have to be lucky to get selected into the program. And they have transported only space agency astronauts, in addition to Russian cosmonauts. The main focus of this mission is to privatise the space station and to build up resources for the Moon Mission of 2024. NASA does not want to be an anchor tenant, just one of many customers.

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