Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Musk touting Tesla with over 650km range in the near future

Musk touting Tesla with over 650km range in the near future

Following what was referred to as "the boring part of the meeting", featuring some commentary by board members and the automaker's general counsel, Elon took the stage to deliver a recap of the automaker's performance over the previous year, and that's when the interesting tidbits really started churning. Last month, the company started taking orders for the second-generation Model 3 that will be built in Shanghai.

With an investment of over 50 billion yuan (US$7 billion), Tesla's factory is the largest foreign investment project in Shanghai's manufacturing sector, the report said. Musk added that Tesla hopes to unveil the vehicle towards the end of this quarter.

According to Musk, the vehicle is being created to "meet or exceed" the Ford F-150, which he is a fan of.

Next, Musk talks about Tesla's all-electric semi truck.

As Tesla increases vehicle and battery production, it will have to consider parts of the battery supply chain, like mining. "There is absolutely not", Musk said.

"We might get into the mining business".

Musk also suggested they are considering giving Teslas the capability to charge using other high-speed networks, removing the stress of not coming across one of the company's own Supercharger network ports - though it is one of the world's most extensive EV charging networks. He also said that the Model 3 (and Model Y once that's released) will optionally be "fully vegan" by this time next year with suitable synthetic replacements for the leather used for heated seats and steering wheel covers, and that the company now has no plans to begin advertising. "It's amusing you should mention that". "We can't spend money too fast, you know, we'll run out of it", said Musk.

Finally, in response to one of the last questions of the evening, Elon confirmed the company does have a design for a "submarine auto", that could turn up as a show auto at some point, even though the market for such a vehicle would be "small but enthusiastic".

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