Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Palestine says United States ambassador helps Israel to annex part of West Bank

Palestine says United States ambassador helps Israel to annex part of West Bank

Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian security forces in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, injuring an officer.

2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg'is issuing a stern warning to Israel, saying he'll cut off aid to the country if it annexes the West Bank.

In a statement late Saturday in response to U.S. ambassador to Israel David Friedman's comments in a New York Times interview, a Palestinian government spokesman said some leading USA policy on the issue were "extremists" lacking in "political maturity".

The Palestinian foreign ministry said it was looking into filing a complaint with the International Criminal Court on the issue. "International law prohibits the annexation of a land by force, as well as a reality imposed by occupying powers".

Palestinian officials did not attend a Middle East peace conference organized in Warsaw in February.

"Israel is seeking to create a state of security and political chaos with a view to creating an atmosphere to pass the US peace plan, known as "deal of the century" the ministry said in an announcement.

Global law regards the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as "occupied territory" and considers all Jewish settlement-building movement there to be illegal.

Friedman has in the past been a supporter of Israeli settlements as has the family of Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser leading efforts to put together the peace deal.

The trio has been promoting the economic aspects of their plan, saying they want to improve Palestinian quality of life, but downplaying the prospect of finding a political solution and playing down the long-standing formula of a two-state solution with both sides having a capital in Jerusalem.

Shoval said: "Since 2004 and the exchange of letters between Bush and Sharon, it was more or less clear to Israelis and the global community that the so-called large settlement blocs will be an integral part of the State of Israel in the future".

Publication of the plan looks set to be further delayed after the Israeli parliament called a snap general election for September, the second this year. "There's a major difference between cutting United States aid & imposing restrictions on how Israel can spend it".

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