Published: Fri, June 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Pelosi: Trump's comments on foreign election interference 'appalling'

Pelosi: Trump's comments on foreign election interference 'appalling'

When asked about whether she made the remarks, Pelosi said she would keep what she told fellow Democrats behind closed doors private.

Pelosi called it a "very sad thing" on Thursday, saying all Americans should be "totally appalled" by Trump's comment and repeating her belief that Trump was involved in a "criminal cover-up". "My stock goes up every time he attacks me, so what can I say, but let's not spend too much time on that because that's his victory, the diverter-in-chief, the diverter-of-attention-in-chief". "I doubt she's done with us", Mulvaney said.

Speaking to reporters, the U.S. House of Representatives' top Democrat said her caucus would continue to investigate Trump and his administration through their various committees, one day after Trump said he would take information from foreign sources on any political opponents and might not contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "Do people think there's some impeachable offenses that the President committed? Yes. Are they criminal? Many people think they are". "We have plenty of time to do that when we're back home", she said. He knocked Swalwell for trying to say House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.) and Pelosi are in agreement when reports say Nadler wants impeachment and Pelosi does not.

"He then added, "[House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi is fascistic. "If now isn't the time ... what is the bar, what is the line that we're waiting to be crossed for an impeachment inquiry, and so far it doesn't seem like there is one". What is it about the Republicans in Congress?

She answered, "I say nearly every day that the president is involved in a criminal cover-up".

"What bothers me more is that we're talking about that (Trump's insults) instead of how to reduce national debt", Pelosi said at the conference on Tuesday.

Raju also asked Pelosi if she does believe the President may have committed crimes, doesn't she have an obligation to pursue an impeachment inquiry?

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