Published: Sun, June 09, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

People are Freaking Out Over This Rooftop Infinity Pool

People are Freaking Out Over This Rooftop Infinity Pool

London is reportedly getting a death-defying rooftop infinity pool with incredible 360-degree views of the city.

"Architects often come to us to design rooftop infinity pools, but rarely do we get a say in the building design, because the pool is usually an afterthought", Kemsley said. So to keep things safe at leas, the company would be implementing Acrylic instead of Glass with a transparent bottom that allows visitors on lower floors to see the pool and swimmers right above them.

Swimmers will access it through a rotating spiral staircase based on the door of a submarine, rising from the infinity pool floor when someone wants to get in or out.

If you're wondering how it would feel like to have the entire roof of your next hotel building to be a swimming pool, then your dream might be coming to be true very soon and that would happen in the UK.

"When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water". The building is design by the company which will include a 5-Star hotel and the pool which is supposed to be it's main point of attraction. The company opted not to add stairs to the outside of the building or the pool because it would spoil the view.

The pool will also be fitted with a bunch of lights to give the building's top a "sparkling jewel-topped" look at night.

The pool will be heated with waste energy from the building's air conditioning system - using a heat exchanger.

The building's designers have also planned for a five-star worldwide hotel to sit underneath the pool in the top levels of the skyscraper.

Like me, Twitter was in shambles trying to figure out the logistics of this infinity pool.

"The first tube is to "cut a path" through the water and create an airlock". "The second to deliver the staircase up to water level". "The engineering is complex but delivers the seamless look".

Entering or exiting the pool will be something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Construction of the pool could begin in 2020 if partners and contractors are confirmed.

Kemsley calls the pool, "the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design and a little bit James Bond to boot!"

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