Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Trump to hold news conference with Polish president, watch live stream today

Trump to hold news conference with Polish president, watch live stream today

But a document published Wednesday on Duda's official website entitled "Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation Regarding U.S. Force Posture in Poland", stated that the near-term growth of U.S. troop strength in Poland would be about 1,000 personnel and "would focus on providing additional defense and deterrence capabilities in Poland".

Trump spoke of the "unbreakable bonds" between the two countries, which, he said, were bound by "deep common values" and "shared goals".

He said later that the USA and Poland had "put together a strong security cooperation package".

Trump said the Polish government will pay for the infrastructure to support the troops.

Spooked by resurgent Russia's seizing control of territory in Georgia and Ukraine over the last decade, Mr Duda has tried to charm the U.S. president, even touting the idea of Poland building a "Fort Trump" to house thousands of USA soldiers.

President Donald Trump will welcome Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday to the White House, where the two leaders are expected to take questions after inking a defense agreement that will station an additional 1,000 USA troops in Poland on a rotational basis.

Whether Mr Trump will risk irritating Moscow with a base or take the simpler option of adding more troops to the current non-permanent force was unclear.

Ahead of the joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday, a F-35 conducted a flyover above the White House, in a stunt meant to celebrate Warsaw's decision to purchase 32 of the US-made jets. Duda looked up and waved at the passing jet.

A senior Trump administration official said the White House meeting would see the two leaders make "a significant announcement". Critics have accused the Polish government of taking steps to undermine the judiciary and the news media.

Following the Russian annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the USA has again been increasing military activity in Europe in concert with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

The Eastern European nations have reached out to the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for greater protection, fearing becoming the next target of Russia's military advance.

Polish Counsel General Maciej Golubiewski said told MSNBC this morning that the agreement "quantitatively and qualitatively" increases US troop presence in the country.

The increase in US forces in that region also reflects America's new national defense strategy that declares great-power competition with China and Russian Federation as a top priority.

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