Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Vatican Calls Non-Binary Gender ‘Fictitious’ In New Guide

Vatican Calls Non-Binary Gender ‘Fictitious’ In New Guide

A local Trans rights activist says they're not surprised by the Vatican's new document, issued during Pride Week, that rejects the idea that people can choose or change their gender.

"The document associates sexual and gender minorities with libertine sexuality, a gross misrepresentation of the lives of LGBT people, which perpetuates and encourages hatred, bigotry, and violence against them", DeBernardo said.

In introducing the new document, the Congregation for Catholic Education says it "wishes to offer.some reflections which, it is hoped, can guide and support those who work in the education of young people, so as to help them address in a methodical way. the most debated questions around human sexuality".

The advocacy group New Ways Ministry told the media it would further confuse individuals who are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation and are at risk of self-harm.

The text, Male and Female He Created Them, was meant to help Catholic teachers, parents, students and clergy address what the Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education called an "educational crisis" in the field of sex education.

It describes an "educational crisis" around gender and criticises the view that gender and sexuality can be "fluid", saying such theories are "founded on a confused concept of freedom".

A "democratic state can not reduce the range of education on offer to a single school of thought, all the more so in relation to this extremely delicate subject, which is concerned on the one hand with the fundamentals of human nature, and on the other with natural rights of parents to freely choose any educational model that accords with the dignity of the human person". It also rejected terms such as "intersex" and "transgender".

Professor Roberto Zappala from Milan's Gonzague Institute said the church was trying to promote "dialogue on the question of gender in education".

Quoting Amoris laetitia, the document says that, among other things, this ideology "leads to educational programmes and legislative enactments that promote a personal identity and emotional intimacy radically separated from the biological difference between male and female". CitizenGO, a conservative Madrid-based group that campaigns around the world, called the latest church teaching an "extraordinary guidebook".

"It is precisely within the nucleus of the family unit that children can learn how to recognize the value and the beauty of the differences between the two sexes", the document said.

The doc, released for the period of Pride month, has drawn speedy criticism from LGBT teams.

It's a sign that the church is not changing, and it's most hard for LBGT Catholics who are still committed to their faith.

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