Published: Sat, July 13, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Apple Users Get FREE McDonald’s Fries This Month (Here’s How)

Apple Users Get FREE McDonald’s Fries This Month (Here’s How)

The first day of the promotion is Friday, July 12 - one day before National French Fry Day.

Apple is offering Apple Pay customers free McDonald's fries when they use Apple Pay for the month of July. Marylanders love salt, pepper and ketchup all over their fries, and often ask for a side of mayo too.

According to a survey by, 43% of 1,062 respondents ranked McDonald's fries as their favorite.

Select an order of at least $1 in the McDonald's app, pay using Apple Pay, and get your free fries.

Regardless, National French Fry Day 2019 has plenty of deep-fried deals out there for lovers of French fries (and freebies).

McDonald's will be giving away free fries every Friday for the rest of July.

But what isn't settled is where to get the best french fries.

IHOP: For a limited time only, if you order a Classic Steakburger, you get unlimited fries.

In the fine print, it states that the promotion is only valid at the McDonald's app, where you'll need to download and register and in participating USA stores.

Red Robin: Purchase any burger starting at $6.99 and you will be gifted "bottomless fries".

All BurgerFi restaurants are selling regular orders of hand-cut fries at the special price of $1 each on Saturday.

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