Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Delta engine falls apart midflight before emergency landing

Delta engine falls apart midflight before emergency landing

"After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come into the cabin, and that's when we really started freaking out", said passenger Avery Porch.

A United States passenger plane has made an emergency landing after part of one of its engines came loose mid-air.

Delta's Flight 1425 - a 32-year-old MD-88 - left Hartsfield-Jackson International Baltimore-Washington International around 12:48 Monday. "It started slowing down a little bit, it started getting hot (and) air cut off".

"The flight crew of Delta flight 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore elected to divert to Raleigh, NC, out of an abundance of caution after receiving an indication of a possible issue with one of the aircraft's engines", a Delta spokesperson told local news station WRAL. "I'm so grateful for the crew and pilots for letting us land safely!"

"I pulled out my phone, and I know I didn't have service", Kreuger told WMAR.

Some passengers reported hearing a loud noise. It was extremely terrifying to be honest.

"After, the cabin filled with smoke and seat belt signs went on and off, and you could smell something was burning".

Delta released a statement apologizing for the inconvenience and passengers said they were given a $30 food voucher while they waited to leave Raleigh.

According to Popular Mechanics, the MD-88 is the "oldest plane in service with any major USA airline" and has earned a notorious reputation among pilots due to its antiquated controls, cramped cockpit, and extreme noisiness.

In a statement, a Delta spokesperson said the crew chose to divert the plane "after receiving an indication of an issue with one of the aircraft's engines".

Gizmodo has reached out to Delta Air Lines for further comment on this incident, and we'll update if we hear back.

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