Published: Sat, July 13, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room and Set Recipe Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Room and Set Recipe Guide

With Dragon Quest Builders 2, Square Enix has listened to criticisms and offers a lot of new quality of life improvements, making this a superior sequel. But 2016's Dragon Quest Builders was a blast. You can fight enemies to gain experience and level up, gather or make new weapons and items to use later on, run into characters to pick up new side quests for bonuses, and so much more.

Something to sleep on, such as Straw Bedding, is an essential item to take with you when you go off exploring in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Throughout your expeditions across the islands, you will happen upon a plethora of high-level monsters which need a good thrashing. Your aim is to learn new crafting recipes and bring more people to your own island, and to build it while becoming stronger and learning more about the lands.

I played it on both PS4 and Switch and either way you're getting a fantastic game. The builders are eliminated, and now there is a ban on creating anything. This short tutorial seems a little out of place if you have already played the first game, but it should help the newcomers better understand and prepare for what they have to face in their adventure.

Square Enix is back with Dragon Quest Builders 2 and has fixed all of these issues. Right down to the blocky look, those that have played Mojang's building title will feel right at home with Dragon Quest Builders 2. Your creations will remain, regardless of how far into the story you are.

While the inventory and crafting inventory will disappear when you make the transition from one island to another a particular area called the Isle of Awakening will allow you to play with all the tools and items obtained in the past.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a game which can feel ridiculously meticulous in how it goes about explaining its systems to you as a player.

To unlock multiplayer as an option, you need to beat the first chapter of the game's main story. All hope seems to be lost until you, a young apprentice builder, manage to escape from the clutches of evil. Initially, this can only be done at certain points, but once you get more free time to build things on your own island, they can really speed up a build.

My biggest issue with the combat is pretty much the same as Rob Steinmen's was in the first Builders, in that it feels so mindless, it's forced upon you so many times, and you still have to stand right next to the enemy to hit them, meaning you're nearly always in harm's way. Thankfully Builders 2 has fixed this problem.

If you're not sure if Dragon Quest Builders 2 is for you, worry not, Square Enix got you covered. There is a progression and the game does get more hard as you get to the later areas, but it is nothing too demanding. You are now able to level up your own character too, but this only affects your health and the weapons and armour you can build. Otherwise, if you enjoy Dragon Quest and enjoy building, I'd recommend giving Dragon Quest Builders 2 a go. In this sense, it is obvious that the multiplayer mode will be one of its great strengths, because logically with the help of other builders it will be much easier to make our plans as architects become a reality.

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