Published: Mon, July 08, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Huawei’s CEO claims HongMeng OS is faster than Android

Huawei’s CEO claims HongMeng OS is faster than Android

Last week, we learned about the fact that Huawei has been granted permission by the United States government to conduct business with USA companies, which means Huawei again has the license to use Android on its smartphone. According to Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's indigenously developed OS will be compatible with printed circuit boards, switches, routers, smartphones, and data centers. However, the company isn't totally relying on Android. If that is the case, the operating system is quite similar to Google's Fuchsia OS.

With Huawei seeming likely to regain access to United States suppliers, the incentive to develop ones own operating system might seem reduced. The company recently announced that they will be coming with their own operating system dubbed, HongMeng OS.

Few reliable sources also claimed that Huawei has already planned a discussion with Russian Federation to use Avrora OS.

Zhengfei's latest comments come shortly after Huawei received a big relief with the US President Donald Trump easing export controls on the American companies The brief ban on Huawei is expected to have a big financial impact on the Chinese company. That means, both Google and Huawei have been given the go-ahead to work together again. Long story short, it's likely that Huawei's upcoming smartphones will run Android, and not the Ark OS or Hongmeng OS.

Talking about Huawei's OS, Ren further said that HongmengOS will work on computers and laptops just like The Macao. Specifically, the CEO boasted that the Hongmeng OS will be faster than Google's Android and Apple's macOS and will have a broader application as well.

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