Published: Mon, July 08, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Microsoft teases Stranger Things fans with spoilers in Morse code

Microsoft teases Stranger Things fans with spoilers in Morse code

Something with the signature vibe of Netflix's popular '80s telekinetic bizarro-world mystery series Stranger Things.

Strange-ify Your World, the events are being run at Microsoft Stores and is created to encourage students to learn computing. As many people had guessed, the tweets were indeed a reference to Stranger things season 3 which debuted on Netflix on July 4. Join Eleven, Steve, Dustin and gang as they seek to save Hawkins and the world.

In 2019, things didn't get any better with the February Windows 10 update blocking users from accessing the Microsoft Store and the April update which crashed devices altogether. Embrace the 80s and grab your hairspray, because it's basically the raddest show companion experience ever.

If you've been watching Microsoft's social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram this week, you probably noticed a teaser campaign for Microsoft's original Windows 1.0 operating system, which was first released in 1985.

Microsoft took everyone by surprise earlier this month when it announced the "all-new Windows 1.0", on Twitter, and while it took everyone a few days to decrypt the message, it all eventually proved to be nothing more than a Stranger Things promo. But fair warning: beware the Mind Flayer.

The action of the third season of the show just taking place in 1985, when was Windows 1.0. We don't know what will happen on July 8, but Netflix and Microsoft have all our attention.

In the Upside Down inspired environment, you can find a custom boot screen and also play special games, find easter eggs and unlock secrets.

"Before we move forward, are you sure you're ready to go know where?". The intriguing part was the Morse code at the end of the tweet which when decoded read "July 8". More details about the app are likely to be revealed on July 8th.

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