Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Minecraft Earth Beta Will Begin in Two Weeks

Minecraft Earth Beta Will Begin in Two Weeks

The new Game, Minecraft Earth is an adventure packed game which can overlay an augmented reality over the real world layout. You have to catch them and make use of them in the given level of the game. Minecraft Earth allows you to craft handsome Minecraft creations in your phone, and harness the power of augmented reality to bring them to life. You can also start building structures with your friends and other games. If you're excited about the game, there is an opportunity to be a beta tester for Minecraft Earth, meaning that you can play it early. After some time, you'll find the opportunity to breed remarkable variations, and use them to populate your builds.

"Minecraft Earth gives you the chance to express yourself on a whole new scale". Now we know when the Closed Beta will come: it will reportedly hit iOS devices by July 25th, with Android devices getting access soon after. Invested individuals can pursue an opportunity to get included by means of the official site. Microsoft will allow hundreds of thousands of players to try out the beta edition of the game in the coming weeks. The game will release players out into this present reality to discover "tapables" (the likeness pokéstops, basically) and gather the assets expected to assemble, yet Mojang seems to have a couple of traps at its disposal over the challenge. So how can you be a part of the game's Closed Beta? All applications will receive a unique Minecraft skin which can be used in the main Minecraft games.

Speaking of Minecraft, registration for Minecraft Earth is now open for those who have iOS 10 or later. You may want a Microsoft or Xbox Live account to register, however as soon as you have signed up there's nothing left to do but wait, and prepare to build.

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