Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Pixel Launcher in Android Q Gets Swipe Down to See Notifications Gesture

Pixel Launcher in Android Q Gets Swipe Down to See Notifications Gesture

If not, just imagine being able to swipe down from anywhere on your homescreen to pull down the notification shade instead of having to start at the top of your screen, as usual. Since there's no home button to hold down anymore, the Assistant is now accessed by swiping from either corner of the screen.

Android Q brings a score of visual and functional improvements over Android Pie and out of these, the new iPhone-style navigation gestures arguably the most contentious.

It's not unusual for Google to open up public beta programs for its various applications, and in the present day, that's being extended to Google Messages.

In the video above, these prompts expand and contract so as to grab your attention.

Once again, Google's tweaking its gesture navigation system.

This will be a handy change for users who are accustomed to swipe gestures over other methods of accessing apps or features, and making Google Assistant available this way certainly feels like its more fluid and natural than long pressing.

Similar to other apps, Google Messages is running its beta program through the Google Play Store.

With this new peek behavior Google states that its aim was to make it so that users would be alerted to the fact that swiping would open the navigation drawer. After this, he wasn't able to set gesture navigation as default. Beta 5 removes this, with the OS notifying you that it has updated the system navigation style if you switch to a third-party launcher.

While the rotate button in Android Q beta 4 was overlapping with the navigation bar, it now appears to be bigger and shifted slightly upwards. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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