Published: Sun, July 07, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will Come with ECG and Fall Detection

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will Come with ECG and Fall Detection

The smartwatch joined the larger, more rugged Galaxy Watch in the company's portfolio, bringing more fitness-focused features and a simpler design.

The device will be capable of detecting atrial fibrillation - a common heart condition - and of sharing heart data with physicians and other health professionals, a new report claims.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also have Fall Detection.

The world's best-selling smartwatch past year, which barely saw daylight in September, is discounted yet again at a major USA retailer in a number of popular variants. "It will enable users to take an electrocardiogram from their wrist".

Similar to the current Galaxy Watch Active, the new watch does not come with a rotating bezel.

One thing that we should have in mind is that all these features require regulatory approval, as it was the case of the Apple Watch Series 4. It measures the heart rhythm and lets you know when there are irregularities. The smaller watches can be had in either white or black, matching the typical price of a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 in a 40mm size. The condition can lead to a number of heart-related complications, including blood clots, stroke, and heart failure, which could be fatal.

"The most important is that just like the Galaxy Watch Active before it, the "Active" part can be a bit misleading". With Fall Detection, the Galaxy Watch Active will be able to detect hard falls when it's being worn on the wrist and will most likely ask the user if they are alright - if they are, it's great, but if the user doesn't respond, the watch will probably send notifications to their family and friends (a configurable list of people, for sure). "They can use one-tap options to either contact emergency services or dismiss the alert".

We exclusively revealed the very first images of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 soon after confirming that this smartwatch was being developed.

If the watch does not get a response from the user within a certain time, the Watch Active 2 will automatically call the emergency services - and alert the wearer's emergency contacts.

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