Published: Sat, July 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Short man has epic meltdown in NYC bagel shop

Short man has epic meltdown in NYC bagel shop

A second video showed the man continuing his rant to a customer before being told to take his food and go.

Wednesday's video that went viral online of a man melting down at a Bagel Boss store in Long Island apparently is not the first time the guy had a major run-in on camera over his height.

"Oh my God, I just wanted bagels", a woman is heard to say.

"Everywhere I go I get the same [expletive] smirk, with the biting lip", he said while gesturing towards the counter, perhaps towards a female employee.

"It was insane. I personally never have heard anyone say that, but to be there in person, it's insane to see that someone has that mind process", Reyes told the Post.

He then offers to fight the other man, telling him he's "not scared".

A video from a bagel shop in NY is doing rounds on the internet this week.

The freakish Bay Shore, New York exchange was posted to social media Wednesday from a Long Island Bagel Boss location by Diana Reyes and a second woman identifying herself on Twitter as Olivia Shea/Bradley.

The NY Post is reporting that the man launched into the tirade at a Bay Shore Bagel Boss location after a female employee smiled at him, The man, however, felt the smile was not really honest and was meant to mock his short stature.

"Shut your mouth. You are not God or my father or my boss", the man, who employees later said wasn't a regular, shouted back, pointing his finger in the man's face.

Meanwhile, Bagel Boss appears to be taking the incident in stride. "He said 'why are you smiling at me?'" the store manager told the Post. The video capturing the incident has gone viral since then. He told the Post that people are calling him nonstop and odd women are seeking his attention.

Morgan was also interviewed by "Inside Edition".

But another claim by Morgan, that the bagel shop invited him back for free food, was denied by the boss. "Use caution on dating sites and anyone who comes into our locations and mentions this video can get a FREE MINI BAGEL!". The establishment's owner, Donald Rosner, took to Twitter and said, "After today's incident everyone is ok!"

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