Published: Tue, July 09, 2019
Entertaiment | By Paul Elliott

Spotify Lite Officially Launched With Useful Monthly Data Limit Feature

Spotify Lite Officially Launched With Useful Monthly Data Limit Feature

In terms of design, the Spotify Lite app comes with Favorites instead of libraries, so that's where you will find all your saved songs and playlists.

Similar to many other "Lite" apps out there, Spotify Lite has been created to work on limited bandwidth as well. It includes Latin America, Middle East, Africa, as well as India, where the music streaming service made its debut earlier this year.

Spotify has unveiled a new version of its app called Spotify Lite which is primarily designed for older or lower end devices that has less firepower as compared to newer models. Users who don't have a lot of storage space on their phones can also control their cache, and clear it with a single tap. The app will notify users when this limit is reached, so there's no worry of the app eating up your precious data plan in the background. The settings for volume levels and music quality are absent, along with Spotify Connect, which lets you stream Spotify music to external devices over Wi-Fi. They'll be able to use it with either a free or a Premium account, and they can use it alongside the main app for times when their mobile internet is spotty. However, if you didn't know, Spotify allows Indian users to play any song from their 50 million song catalog (not really, thanks to its tussle with Warner) on demand. Spotify Lite, roughly 10MB in size, can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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