Published: Fri, July 12, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Steam Will Now Use Machine Learning To Improve Game Recommendations

Steam Will Now Use Machine Learning To Improve Game Recommendations

The first three projects rolling out with Steam Labs are focused on game discoverability.

Valve has also explained that it does not feed any data about the game into the system (The Interactive Recommender) except the release date. "You know who we thought might enjoy seeing them?" Valve now plans to get its store experiments into players' hand much sooner - so you can now try out another new set of features as we get closer to the Steam Library redesign.

Steam is back from a rather confusing game sale by beginning its own mad science space to play with AI and machine learning, and some of the things, it's coming up with are sort of fascinating.

Finally, the Interactive Recommender uses machine learning to recommend new titles to you based on games you're now into. For example: it can be directed to popular titles released in the past ten years, or niche games launched in the past six months. These "other games" will be picked up by the Interactive Recommender and they will make their way to your interactive games recommendations if they fall in the same genre or fulfil the parameters that you are looking for in a game after analysing your playtime and other habits.

Steam Labs makes available experiments and tests to Steam users who want to participate. The concept behind this feature isn't far off from Micro Trailers, except it aims to put together a half-hour show based on what's new on Steam, or which games are now most popular. The company does seem to be warming to the idea of being a little more open about what it is working on, such a the development of the Knuckles (now called Valve Index) controllers.

Steam Labs launched with three experimental features (literally labeled as "Experiment 001", and so on): Micro Trailers, the Interactive Recommender, and the Automatic Show.

Perhaps the most significant additions, though, is the Interactive Recommender. Game trailers play just for a couple of seconds each with sound; links are provided to the games or digital content so that users interested in these may check them out right away on Steam.

What do you think of Valve's new Interactive Recommender? And they were actually things that looked interesting to me - unlike most of the games in my normal Steam discovery queue.

The third, called the Automatic Show, looks like the least useful. Users can provide real-time feedback in the Labs and speak to their success or failure.

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