Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

UK Police Launch Criminal Probe Into Leaked Cabled On Trump

UK Police Launch Criminal Probe Into Leaked Cabled On Trump

"The administration is set upon an act of diplomatic vandalism, seemingly for ideological and personality reasons - it was Obama's deal", ambassador Kim Darroch wrote in a diplomatic cable in May 2018.

"It can not be conceivably right that newspapers or any other media organization publishing such material should face prosecution", Johnson, the frontrunner, said.

The emails, dating from 2017, said rumours of "infighting and chaos" in the White Condo had been largely exact.

"Moreover, they can't articulate any "day-after" strategy; and contacts with State Department this morning suggest no sort of plan for reaching out to partners and allies, whether in Europe or the region".

The LBC presenter hit back at Scotland Yard's warning to newspapers not to publish anymore of the leak after launching a criminal investigation.

Those memos, which emerged a week ago, saw the then United Kingdom ambassador refer to the Trump administration as "clumsy and inept".

The inquiry by the Metropolitan police counter-terrorism command, which is responsible for investigating breaches of the Official Secrets Act, was announced in a statement attributed to Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu.

That prompted a furious response from the USA president, who described Sir Kim as "a very stupid guy" with whom he would no longer deal.

The ambassador resigned on Wednesday, saying it was now "impossible" to do his job.

"Also, to anyone who knows or suspects those responsible, or who has any information, please come forward", he added.

In a further statement on Saturday, Mr Basu insisted the Met had "no intention" of trying to prevent the publication of stories in the public interest.

Trump did not directly address his change of tone on Friday, but said "some people just told me ... he actually said very good things about me".

"The publication of leaked communications, knowing the damage they have caused or are likely to cause may also be a criminal matter".

Journalists are no longer above the legislation, however it with out a doubt is known "in a free, liberal and democratic society" that the media "wants to be free to document on leaked paperwork that they judge are in the general public interest", says Ian Murray, government director of the Society of Editors.

On Friday, President Trump said he wished the susceptible ambassador correctly and that he had been instructed Sir Kim had if fact be told said "some very magnificent issues" about him.

But in his response, Maajid said leaking military secrets, like the enigma machine, is not the same as publishing the criticisms of foreign governments from British ambassadors.

"It's not news that the USA and United Kingdom differ in how to ensure Iran is never able to acquire a nuclear weapon; but this does underline that we do not shy away from talking about our differences and working together".

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