Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
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WarnerMedia unveils streaming brand HBO Max, delays launch until 2020

WarnerMedia unveils streaming brand HBO Max, delays launch until 2020

WarnerMedia will launch its new Netflix rival "HBO Max" in early 2020 after reclaiming the rights to stream its hugely popular television comedy "Friends", the company said Tuesday.

The subscription service will include series and movies from HBO and other WarnerMedia brands like Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, CNN, TNT, TBS, the CW, and Crunchyroll, as well as original programming that's only available on the streaming service. "Thanks for the memories, gang", Netflix tweeted.

HBO Max also has two exclusive production deals - one with Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti, who will produce four YA-focused films, and another with Reese Witherspoon, whose production company will produce at least two films. Though, again, one wonders not only why someone would feel the need to sign up for yet another streamer - particularly if they're already an HBO subscriber - but also whether the moniker for this one is needlessly confusing.

According to The Wall Street Journal, HBO Max will likely cost more than $14.99, the current monthly cost of HBO.

Although it is clear the service relies heavily on HBO content, this seems like an uninspired naming choice considering the service is created to promote the wider WarnerMedia brand - the company formed out of the ashes of Time Warner following its acquisition by AT&T.

WarnerMedia has not yet announced pricing for HBO Max, which will expectedly be more than HBO Now ($15 per month) because it will include a much larger content catalog.

Almost 250 episodes later, the NBC sitcom has seen a resurgence, thanks in part to Netflix - the company added it to their streaming platform back in 2015.

Next spring, WarnerMedia is jumping into the fray with HBO Max.

The streaming service will be a competitor to other similar services including Netflix and Hulu but also the forthcoming Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus, launching this fall. Visit for more information on this news.

Bloys, programming president of HBO, continues to oversee content on the HBO service, with investment in HBO original programming having been increased 50 percent over normal spending.

Max will also have exclusive streaming rights to upcoming Warner Bros. series such as Batwoman and Katy Keene. I literally have Netflix for Friends.

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