Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Apple's Biggest Problem for a Foldable iPhone Is the Selling Price

Apple's Biggest Problem for a Foldable iPhone Is the Selling Price

The report comes as Samsung and Huawei are gearing up to release their first foldable smartphones. The company shipped 3.8 million units, up from 3.2 million in Q2 2018 - an increase of 16 percent.Tough times continue for most of the market For many other smartphone brands, business conditions continue to be hard, with few signs of a silver lining on the horizon.LG Electronics continues to struggle with its mobile handset business.

An Apple product could come next year, UBS said, with 2021 being a more likely launch date for the handset. As with everything Apple, the foldable iPhone would be more expensive than its rivals, and this could be a major problem for the first generations.

However, the fiddlers at iFixit found that even if someone replaced their iPhone battery with one from another iPhone, they'd be greeted by a message in the Battery Health that simply declares "Service", rather than reveal battery data such as how much the pack may have degraded and what it's maximum capacity is. There's also a possibility that a foldable iPad will debut before a foldable iPhone and personally, I think that's a smarter move. Of course, Apple being Apple, the company is undoubtedly determined to do it right, and we've already seen what happens when a company tries to jump the gun and cares more about a foldable device being "first" than it does about it being "good". Apple buyers surveyed by UBS say they were willing to pay a $600 premium on such devices.

IHS Markit also reported that 'Apple will follow a similar Microsoft concept to develop a foldable device running the iPad OS and equipped with Apple's A-series processors.' This is clearly referred to the foldable iPad.

China's smartphone shipments booked 97.9 million units in the second quarter this year, down from 104.2 million units a year earlier, according to a report by research firm IDC.

The company will launch three iPhone 11 models this year. Huawei also said the release of its foldable Mate X will be pushed back because of carrier certification tests, according to Reuters.

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