Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Isabel Fisher

Barr Has Warning For Co-Conspirators In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

Barr Has Warning For Co-Conspirators In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

The stunning revelation comes after the disgraced 66-year-old businessman reportedly hanged himself in his NY jail cell on Saturday.

She recalled in the documents: "I just remember someone suggesting a photo, and they told us to go get on the couch".

It was said in the documents that Ms. Sjoberg was a "young college student" who was approached by "perfect stranger" Ghislaine Maxwell, who "lured" her to Epstein's home with the promise of a "legitimate job".

He said: "I then listed Senator Mitchell, Prince Andrew, Princess Sarah Ferguson, Miss Yugoslavia, Miss Germany, Alan Dershowitz, Princess Diana's secretary with her children, Mr Trump, Mr Robert Kennedy Jr, Frederik Fekkai and a couple of Noble prize winners as celebrities that I had seen while working for Mr Epstein". The act, signed into law in February, gives adult survivors of child sexual abuse one year from Wednesday to sue an abuser for offenses in NY, no matter how long ago the abuse allegedly occurred.

"Epstein's death should not let them off the hook".

Clooney, 58, was dragged into the highly publicised scandal by ex-Epstein "sex slave" Virginia Giuffre in a manuscript of her memoirs released by a United States court.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre as pictured on the website of her charity Victims Refuse Silence, Virgina was once associated with American Businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

"It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with (Giuffre)". "Royals rally round" read a caption in the Sun, a right-wing tabloid.

While sicko Epstein was widely known to be pals with Prince Andrew, there is no suggestion that he met the princess.

Prince Andrew (59) is said to have groped in 2001 in Epstein's Villa, the then 21-year-old Joanna Sjoberg. A few months later, Andrew gave up his role as Britain's business ambassador, promoting British interests overseas. She later said it was a "gigantic error of judgment". I haven't spoken to him in 15 years.

She told the Evening Standard: "Once again my errors have compounded and rebounded and also inadvertently impacted on the man I admire most in the world, the duke".

But in a post-#MeToo era, it may prove hard for a powerful man accused of sexual misconduct to bat away the accusations - even if he is a royal. "This is very serious and authorities should learn from the past in ignoring such allegations".

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