Published: Wed, August 14, 2019
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DOJ says 2 Epstein guards are placed on leave

DOJ says 2 Epstein guards are placed on leave

Then, his body was found lifeless on Aug his a NY prison cell.

Suicide has always been the leading cause of death in USA jails overall.

Epstein, 66, was found Saturday morning in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a jail previously renowned for its ability to hold notorious prisoners under extremely tight security.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News Tuesday that Epstein hanged himself in his cell.

Lavine, who spent 10 years in the federal prison system, and now runs a consultancy, questioned how Epstein could have committed suicide so unaided, noting that he would have been provided with paper sheets precisely to guard against it.

A top United States lawmaker joined the chorus of officials demanding answers from the Bureau of Prisons over the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in federal custody.

Epstein's death is hardly the first scandal at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre, which previous year saw a prison guard plead guilty to taking more than $25,000 USA in cash bribes to smuggle cell phones, alcohol and food to a wealthy Turkish gold trader. They are also issued tear-resistant clothing to thwart attempts to fashion nooses and are placed in cells that are stripped of furniture or fixtures they could use to kill themselves. An autopsy was performed Sunday, but New York City Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson said investigators were awaiting further information. "Somebody planted something in his cell and he had the motive and he had the means to kill himself", he said.

"That was not a good place as I understand it, but I was never there", Trump said.

Barr said he was "appalled" at the jail's "failure to adequately secure this prisoner".

"Basically what we're saying is we want an investigation".

What happened here, Sasse said, was that wealth and connections "bought injustice". But let me assure you this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein.

Barr warned that any co-conspirator in the sex-crimes case against Epstein "should not rest easy", adding: "The victims deserve justice, and they will get it".

Epstein was being held without bail on child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges to which he pleaded not guilty.

The indictment - which accused Epstein of knowingly recruiting underage women to engage in sex acts, sometimes over a period of years - came more than a decade after he pleaded guilty in Florida to state charges of solicitation of prostitution from a minor in a deal with prosecutors that has been widely criticized as too lenient.

In a statement provided to BBC News, the organisation's president Eric Young said prison employees who are not correctional officers - such as teachers, nurses, clerical workers - are often made to guard inmates due to a process known as "augmentation".

US lawmakers have demanded that the government hold responsible people who allegedly helped Epstein engage in sex trafficking.

According to flight logs, Clinton flew on Epstein's personal jet 27 times.

On Friday, more than 2,000 pages of documents were released related to a since-settled lawsuit against Epstein's ex-girlfriend by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein's accusers.

According to a profile published in Vanity Fair in 2003, Epstein and Maxwell remained close even after their relationship ended, describing her as his "best friend".

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