Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Fingerprint unlock feature is coming to Android

Fingerprint unlock feature is coming to Android

To use the feature, users will need to be running Android Marshmallow or later and a fingerprint sensor of course. The feature is now available to those who have registered in WhatsApp's beta programme for Android.

This new feature will help users in adding a layer of protection to their chats. It is disabled by default, and users will have to enable it by going to WhatsApp Settings Account Privacy Fingerprint lock.

With this feature, WhatsApp users would only be able to unlock WhatsApp and resume the app from where they left it. To be fair, WhatsApp for iOS already rocks the fingerprint unlock feature that Android users waited eagerly for it to arrive on Google's operating system. WhatsApp is also rolling this feature as a server-side update.

The social messaging app allows users to choose when they have to authenticate their identity in order to use the app.

Moreover, the new Fingerprint lock works in the same conventional way of your phone's fingerprint unlock feature. The time span options to lock the WhatsApp includes - after a minute or 30 minutes or "Immediately" to lock the app instantly.

The quick edit media feature will be available on iOS and Android. In Android, there is a new option called Show content in notifications, so users can decide if they want to show or hide message and sender preview when the Fingerprint lock is enabled.

If you disable this option, you would be able to reply to messages from the notification bar and even accept or decline WhatsApp calls without having to punch in your biometrics. The new update brings the much-awaited fingerprint lock feature to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is expected to roll the feature out to the public once the beta testing is complete. You can then select how frequently you want WhatsApp to prompt you to use your biometrics to unlock the app.

To update WhatsApp beta to the latest version, head to the Play Store or download it from APK Mirror.

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