Published: Fri, August 09, 2019
IT | By Lester Massey

Going Hands-On With FIFA 20’s VOLTA Mode

Going Hands-On With FIFA 20’s VOLTA Mode

Knowing when the Federation Internationale de Football Association 20 beta is due to end is helpful because you'll now be able to know when your access will be cut off, so you can put in as much time as you want. In short, this is the return of streetball, built on the foundation of great gameplay and a free-flowing, fun experience.

Volta has been compared to EA Sports' classic series FIFA Street, which featured exaggerated gameplay and player models and became a cult classic.

I remember back to my peak Federation Internationale de Football Association playing days, when Manager Mode was my immediate go-to.

The latest version of Federation Internationale de Football Association will feature a VOLTA mode - and, well, it looks sensational.

The Volta story mode offers six hours of campaign content, exploring the world of street football and playing against teams in 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 matches.

In a wider sense, the mode should feel a little more "alive" than in previous games, with in-game journalists reacting differently to your performances based on "the outcome, goals scored, opponent, time of season or stage of competition, and more".

In FIFA 20, expect a far more bespoke experience as you take charge of your club and look to take on the world. "I do think there's opportunities there because one of the interesting things that it might bring that we don't really do in esports is that notion of each player as an individual". You'll now have the ability to create and choose from a number of different female characters, and there appears to be an increasingly in-depth customisation and creation tool that was in dire need of a reworking and reimagining after the past few years. You'll actually see your manager take part in press conferences now, you can have one-on-one chats with players, and it'll be your job to keep your squad's morale up.

Similar to Squad Building challenges in Ultimate Team, even when playing alone, other players' teams are pulled from the server for you to go up against. You could see your player pop up on other squads, and you could very well play against yourself, making for a rather weird, nearly surreal experience. The League has 10 divisions and features online multiplayer.

A few more minor tweaks were listed in EA's Pitch Notes column. So, how EA has evolved the virtual street football game to reach today's standards with Volta.

With Ultimate Team being the main aspect of Federation Internationale de Football Association that most gamers opt for, it's at least good to see that other modes in-game are getting a bit more attention.

Hands-on time with Federation Internationale de Football Association 20 was conducted at a preview event at EA Redwood Shores. Hopefully it all makes career mode more engaging.

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