Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
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Man arrested after trying to stab several in Sydney; 1 hurt

Man arrested after trying to stab several in Sydney; 1 hurt

Footage posted on social media shows the man yelling and waving the large knife, before being apprehended by members of the public. It was unclear what the man was shouting.

She is in a stable condition with non-life threatening injuries.

Video images on Twitter showed a young man running across an intersection and jumping onto a vehicle hood, yelling and waving what appeared to be a long-bladed knife.

Police said a 21-year-old Sydney man with a history of mental illness is believed to have killed a woman of around the same age in a residential unit before going on the rampage across the city centre. One woman was stabbed in the back but is expected to survive, he told the newspaper. The suspect was later formally arrested by police. We have jobs where we help people and, without sounding heroic, helping people is the primary driver and then afterwards you're like, "Holy, what have we just done there, that was a risky thing to do".

"It was a scary moment, I'm sure, for a lot of people in Sydney", the driver told Channel Nine.

The motivation for the attack is not yet known. He was then arrested. The vehicle drove off and the man jumped to the ground before being approached by members of the public.

NSW Police Superintendent Gavin Wood, speaking to reporters near the scene, said: 'A number of members of the public actually physically restrained the offender.

"They were significantly courageous people", Supt Wood said. And I must acknowledge that those people who got involved were fearless. The man "attempted to stab multiple people".

A woman was found dead in a building nearby and police were investigating if the earlier stabbing at a hotel on the corner of Clarence and King streets was linked to the street attacks.

He said while police weren't looking for any other offenders they couldn't discount coming across other crime scenes as the investigation continues.

A woman who answered the telephone at a Subway sandwich shop near the scene told Reuters, "We saw the person with a knife over there bleeding".

Paul O'Shaughnessy, 37, said his brother Luke, 30, saw a man with a balaclava wielding a knife.

He added the knife-wielding man then climbed onto the roof.

"So insane! A random dude just started stabbing people in the city right outside where we were having lunch".

They said that when they reached the suspect other witnesses had done the same thing and "everyone just jumped on the guy". He said: "I don't think that is religion in any way from what I know of all the different religions".

The suspect reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" as he stood on top of a auto on Monday afternoon.

The phrase means "God is great" in Arabic and is an everyday phrase, but is often shouted by Islamist terrorists during attacks.

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