Published: Tue, August 13, 2019
Finance | By Loren Pratt

Nike Adventure Club Release Info

Nike Adventure Club Release Info

Shopping for kids' shoes online also brings sizing issues and return hassles, the company says. Three tiers will be offered that deliver new pairs quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly each year.

Dubbed "Nike Adventure Club", the latest move sees the brand go after its objectives to become more technology-driven, tackle every day consumer pain points and forge deeper connections with consumers through experiential offerings and pushing causes like sustainability. Now Nike has announced it's getting in on the subscription frenzy, but what it's offering isn't as insane as it sounds at first blush.

Similar to other recent initiatives - like Nike Fit - the Adventure Club was birthed out of a recent partnership the brand sealed with kids sneakers subscription start up Easy Kicks in 2017. The service gives Nike a way to draw parents who are outside of its traditional big-city customer base and build a connection with young kids. Parents and kids can choose to keep any shoe they like, and when they're done they can exchange it with Nike for a new pair, while the old one will be either donated or recycled.

Kids' feet are constantly growing, so the need to buy expensive shoes for them is a continual thing that lasts years. Parents will be able to choose from around 100 sneakers. Nike says that you'll save $10 per pair on that highest tier, but any way you want to frame it, that's a lot of shoes.

The program - which will include an "adventure guide" in each box to encourage children and their parents to engage in outdoor activities and exploration - also has a sustainable component.

The new service will regularly provide new Nike and Converse sneakers in different sizes, running from 4C to 7Y to cover ages approximately 2 to 10.

Instead of targeting the shoe-obsessed like you might initially expect, Nike is positioning its new subscription service as the ideal solution for parents with growing children.

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